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5 Virginia Motorcycle Adventures

Nothing is better than meandering through the Blue Ridge Mountains or Shenandoah Valley on your bike. Thanks to being located conveniently close to 95. Embrey Mill is a great place to start your motorcycle adventures. While some of these are about an hour or two away, there are a couple that are a little further – but getting there is half the fun. With hundreds of miles of popular rides in Virginia, you’re sure to find one you love.

1. Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park

The Shenandoah Valley is known for its beauty, and with good reason. Skyline Drive is a scenic byway that runs 105 miles along the Blue Ridge Mountains, winding through beautiful foliage. Fall is one of the more popular times to visit Skyline Drive, but summer will be just as breathtaking.

2. Colonial Parkway

While nowhere near as long as Skyline Drive, Colonial Parkway is still a worthwhile ride. Connecting areas in Virginia’s Historic Triangle, this ride provides a history lesson along with the scenery. Free of commercial development, you can ride your bike through 400 years of American history on Colonial Parkway.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway

Affectionately called “America’s Favorite Drive” by some, this ride is sure to offer something for every type of rider. Coming in at an impressive 469 miles, you’d be hard-pressed to find a route with more beautiful vistas to explore. While this ride runs through several states in Appalachia, the most popular portion of the Virginia segment starts near Waynesboro, about 2 hours from Embrey Mill. You’ll pass historic sites, walking trails, waterfalls, and so much more as you wander through the Virginia countryside.

4. Capital Country

Connecting the Confederate Capital of Richmond and the colonial Capital of Williamsburg, the Capital Country ride takes you through time. To take this journey through history, all you have to do is leave Embrey Mill and drive an hour down 95 until you reach Richmond. From there, you can travel the rest of the route towards Williamsburg, finding Civil War battlefields and Colonial plantations along the way. On this ride, every stop is guaranteed to help you understand more about the roots of America.

5. Back of the Dragon

Located about 5 hours from Embrey Mill and one of the most famous riding roads in the nation, the Back of the Dragon will thrill you. The ride is considered by many bikers to be a true test of skill thanks to its three hundred curves along thirty-two miles of country. It’s an exhilarating adventure full of knee dragging turns, switchbacks, elevation changes, and breathtaking mountaintops. It’s so popular that an entire culture has grown around this ride – including events and souvenirs for those that conquer the dragon. If you live in Virginia, this is one ride you can’t afford to miss.

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