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Happenings Around Embrey


04 June . 2024

June Adventures at Home in Embrey Mill

June is here: that wonderful transition month from spring to summer!

And as the seasons change, so do the activities we look forward to doing.
There are so many fun adventures you can find right at home at Embrey Mill!

Sometimes, though, you need a little reminder of everything that’s around you, so you can plan what to enjoy first!

Let’s spend a fantastic June day with two imaginary families at Embrey Mill, and see all the fun they have!

Joan and Dean from Cascades at Embrey Mill

Joan and Dean live in our 55+ active adult section Cascades at Embrey Mill. Specifically, they own one of the Elevator Flats by Drees Homes.

Dean wakes up first and heads to their well-appointed kitchen to make their traditional Saturday cups of coffee. The rich aroma saunters through the weekend air and gently wakes Joan up. They meet on their outdoor covered patio to split a croissant and share the past night’s dreams.

Breakfast done, they shower, dress, grab a backpack, and then take the elevator down to their garage. They don’t need to drive anywhere: They just need to get their bicycles out!

A couple of moments later, they are joined by their neighbors and best friends, Regina and Stephen. After a quick greeting, they’re off! A full morning of bike riding along portions of Embrey Mill’s 10-mile trail system transports the two couples all throughout the charm of our community.

They curl into the all-ages section and pass by the Knight House Pool, waving to those already enjoying the cool waters. These bike-riding friends plan on swimming, too, but only after lunch. Their breezy and beautiful bike ride eventually takes them to Embrey House, where they park their bikes and stroll into the Grounds Bistro & Café.

After a leisurely meal, catching up about friends, family, and grandkids, the double duos change and head to the Embrey House pool. They swim for a bit—Dean even goes down the waterslide a few times—and then dry off, laugh, and rest by the pool.

And then it’s time to head home and get ready for the evening cookout! So, back on their bikes, Regina and Stephen and Dean and Joan hop. They certainly get their leg workouts today! Once they get to Cascades, they head to their respective homes, clean up, and pack some supplies for the cookout.

Joan and Dean meet their friends again on the sundeck of the Cascades Clubhouse, and get grilling on the outdoor grills. As the scent of burgers begins to fill the air, Joan and Dean’s daughter, Ashley, and her family (who also live in Embrey Mill) join the party. Living so close to each other has its advantages!

One big wonderful meal later, after everyone’s bellies are full and the approaching dark is slowing down the conversation, it’s time to say goodnight. Hugs, kisses, pats on the back, handshakes, and promises are exchanged—promises to meet up again and again.

Ashley takes her family home, and Regina and Stephen head to theirs. Joan and Dean hold hands and watch the stars come out to twinkle. It was a fantastic June adventure at Embrey Mill.

Brian and Ashley from Embrey Mill

Brian and Ashley wake up in their single family home by Drees Homes to the sound of their alarm. They set it early, even though it’s a Saturday, because their family has a lot of plans for the day. After giving themselves some moments to wake up and get ready, it’s time to rouse the kids.

After that task is done, the family eats breakfast together in their aptly named breakfast room, and then finishes preparing for the day. Once they are good and set, they leash up their four-legged family member, Lucky, and head out to their first stop of the day: Dogwood Dog Park!

As Brian watches the kids at Dogwood Playground, one of the many throughout Embrey Mill, Ashley takes Lucky and lets him run free with his doggy friends inside the fenced-in park made just for him. After a good romp, and with a quick trip to let Lucky rest at home, it’s time to head to their next adventure: Knight House Pool!

The kids get their morning splashing in as Ashley and Brian swim a few laps and chat with other parents. And everyone stops to wave as four bike riders pass, also waving. Ashley and Brian smile, realizing who the pedalers are.

After a nice swim, the family spreads out a blanket on the nearby lawn and has a fantastic picnic of sandwiches and sodas. The kids run around a little bit more, and then realize how tired they are. So, it’s back home for a little “inside time” to rest up before dinner.

That evening, after an afternoon of video games and reading, everyone loads into the car and drives to the Cascades at Embrey Mill section of the community. Here, they head to the Cascades Clubhouse and meet Grandma and Grandpa (Joan and Dean) on the sundeck. The grills are already doing their thing!

Everyone has a fantastic meal. Stories are told, jokes are laughed at, and friendships are cemented even stronger. But as the fireflies begin to come out, their twinkling signals that the day has come to an end. Hugs, kisses, pats on the back, handshakes, and promises are exchanged—promises to meet up again and again.

Brian and Ashley bring the kids home and get them ready for bed. It’s easy after such an eventful day: The kids are tired! Once they’re tucked in and quickly heading to dreamland, Brian and Ashley share a quick nightcap at their large kitchen island. A toast to a day well lived!

Home in Embrey Mill Means Lots of Adventure

With two clubhouses (three if you live in Cascades), two pools, miles of trails, tons of parks and green spaces, our very own bistro & café, and even a community garden, Embrey Mill has so many amenities for you to enjoy. It’s easy to create your own story here on a June’s day, for example, without ever leaving the community!

When you want to come home to a place that lets you feel the joy every day, come home to Embrey Mill. But hurry: There are only a few homes left in our All Ages Section and Miller & Smith’s 55+ Villas are selling out quickly!